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silver|story was founded by Ruth Hudson-Silver. We are a design studio based in York. We believe that every project should tell a story. We work at all scales, across many disciplines, including architecture, interior fit-out, exhibition design, interpretation, journalism and teaching.

how we work.

Every project we undertake, regardless of scale or type, begins with a story.


The world we live in is a collection of stories; we are surrounded by and immersed in them on a daily basis. The built environment is a physical representation of all these intertwining and intersecting narratives.


At silver|story we believe that a design stems from the narrative that the client would like to communicate; the story they would like to be told. This can be applied to any project at any scale. This narrative may be a complex story being told within an exhibition or it may simply be a typical day in the life of a family within their home.


We balance this narrative analysis with a very rigorous and pragmatic approach to offer the best solution for the client. This is rooted in a very common sense approach to the way we put materials and ideas together. In other words, we call a spade a spade.


We offer a variety of services including:



Feasibility and Masterplanning

Interior Fit-Out

Exhibition Design

Interior Design

FF&E Scheduling and Specification

Design of Bespoke Joinery and Cabinetry


If you have a story to tell, we will tell it for you.

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